G.K Chesterton once commented that he never discussed anything other than politics or religion, since; “There is nothing else to discuss.”

Obviously, he did not mean that there were no other topics to discuss, but that these were the debate par excellence.

Poverty, dictatorships, corruption, criminality, economic crises, armed conflicts… These are the problems that we hear about every day and that, unfortunately, affect a good part of the world.

The objective of my YouTube channel and by extension, of this page, is to explore our political, economic and social paradigm.

Un Gentilhombre (A Gentleman) is one who behaves with “courtesy, nobility and distinction”.

Its etymology comes from the medieval word “gentilhomme”, used since the 12th century in France to refer to those who came from or seemed to be from a noble family.

A short time later, in England they translated the term to “gentleman” while in the Hispanic world, although the translation “gentleman” also existed, they chose to use “nobleman”.

The concept of the gentleman evolved and by the end of the 19th century, the term no longer connoted nobility, but manners, integrity, consideration, honor, elegance, etc.

Not only do I adhere to this philosophy, but I intend to apply it both in the way of addressing readers, and in the modes of debate, which today have degenerated to the vulgar and rude.

A cordial greeting to the ladies and gentlemen who have passed through the page.

El Gentilhombre